Exceptional Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Pillar Logistics provides dedicated last mile delivery solutions to retailers of big box items like home furnishings, appliances, electronics, bedding and mattresses. Although many retailers sell the same merchandise, we strive to collaborate with our customers to design and execute a last mile delivery approach unique to each customer. With our services dedicated to each customer, our customers' brand becomes the brand we embrace to ensure an exceptional in-home customer experience.

Consumers care only about one delivery — their delivery. With that in mind, the fundamental approach to our services is to treat each delivery as if it’s the only delivery we are making. It is a culture we have created for every delivery team and employee to think of a delivery as not just another piece of merchandise, it is a delivery of something the consumer has dreamt of having, a delivery of something that will make their house a home.


We offer a personalized experience that wows consumers before, during and after delivery. Our last impression services leaves consumers with the best impression of our customers’ brand.


We offer integrated and streamlined solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We design a customized warehousing and distribution solution to integrate with existing systems and our dedicated white glove delivery service.


Our customized approach includes planning and implementation of forward and reverse flow tools and storage of merchandise from the point of origin to the point of delivery.


We strive to design and execute a last mile delivery approach unique to each customer so that we can deliver an exceptional in-home experience.


Personalized Experience That Wows Consumers

  • Dedicated and branded delivery vehicles and delivery apparel
  • Pre-delivery merchandise inspection, touch-up and repair
  • On-site management
  • Pre-delivery, delivery and post-delivery consumer communications
  • Automated routing, real-time tracking and delivery status updates
  • Blanket wrapped delivery inside and one-for-one movement of existing merchandise to another room
  • Full assembly and deluxing of merchandise
  • Instructional demonstration and tutorials
  • Clean up and removal of all packaging materials
  • Removal of old merchandise
  • Value added feedback to manufacturers and retailers regarding quality of packaging and required preparation.
Two men delivering a chair


Solutions to Meet our Customers' Needs

  • Inbound logistics
  • Technology based inventory management
  • Store transfers and replenishment
  • Product inspection and testing
  • Assembly of merchandise
  • Deluxing and repair
  • After market services
  • Reverse logistics


Enhancing Your Supply Chain

  • Capacity planning
  • Freight lane management
  • Specialized transportation services
  • Fleet management
  • Cross-dock site selection