Providing Superior Last Mile Delivery Services


We are a national third-party logistics provider offering a full suite of services to retailers and manufactures of big ticket items. Our services include white glove delivery, warehousing and distribution, and logistics management services.

Pillar Logistics was founded with the vision of partnering with companies to create a uniquely tailored last mile delivery service that focuses on the highest level of customer service and the most cost-effective approach.



We are not satisfied unless our customers are 100% satisfied which may mean something different to each of our customers. Our dedicated last mile delivery solutions can only achieve 100% customer satisfaction by understanding and exceeding the expectations of each of our customers and each individual delivery.


Our customers have entrusted us with very critical aspects of their business, including allowing our team members to go inside consumer's homes. With that responsibility, we commit to maintaining the highest level of integrity. In every task and interaction, we lead with honesty and strong morales.


We have a high ethical responsibility to our employees, customers, and society. We maintain an ethically responsible company by setting clear moral standards from the outset and being as transparent as possible in all our dealings with customers, employees, vendors and the community.


We are an extension of our customers’ brand and believe that we are their partners, not a vendor of service. We strive to bring a higher level of services to our customers — services that include thought leadership and innovative ideas and solutions to our customers’ challenges.


Pillar Provides DEDICATED Last Mile Solutions

Pillar Logistics provides dedicated last mile delivery solutions to retailers of big ticket items like home furnishings, appliances, electronics and bedding. Although many retailers sell the same merchandise, we strive to collaborate with our customers to design and execute a last mile delivery approach unique to each customer. With our services dedicated to each customer, our customers' brand becomes the brand we embrace to ensure an exceptional in-home customer experience.


Pillar Logistics provides exceptional last mile delivery service to retailers and manufacturers of big ticket products. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of national, regional and local companies. When consumers purchase merchandise such as home furnishings, appliances, electronics and bedding, they envision the product as they saw it on the showroom floor or website. Whether the product is staged for delivery in a box, partially assembled, fully deluxed or installed, our number one priority when delivering products is to recreate how the consumer envisioned it in their home.


Our white glove delivery service ensures that home furnishings are delivered with the highest standards to exceed consumer expectations.


Our delivery teams have specialized knowledge and experience to ensure that appliances and electronics are installed and working properly.


Our experienced teams will deliver and set-up products with the confidence that the customer will be comfortably sleeping on it that night.