Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Pillar Logistics provides exceptional last mile delivery service to retailers and manufacturers of big ticket products. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of national, regional and local companies. When consumers purchase merchandise such as home furnishings, appliances, electronics, bedding and mattresses they envision the product as they saw it on the showroom floor or website. Whether the product is staged for delivery in a box, partially assembled, fully deluxed or installed, our number one priority when delivering products is to recreate how the consumer envisioned it in their home. For all our industries, we offer: 



Making a House a Home

The home furnishing industry continually changes its product lines to coincide with consumer and market trends. New products mean new manufacturer packaging and assembly requirements. Our on-site management staff ensures all delivery teams are qualified prior to making their first delivery and partner with retailers to ensure as new products come to market that our delivery teams have the know how to assemble and demonstrate them.

Our white glove delivery service ensures that home furnishings are delivered with the highest standards to exceed consumer expectations. Our goal is to deliver with the commitment of fulfilling the consumers vision of how the merchandise would look in their home.


Delivering Utility and Entertainment

Appliances and electronics are a mainstay of American households and evolving technology is a vital component of many appliance and electronics products. Technology not only provides added features to a product, but may add complexity to the delivery and installation. Our goal is to deliver and install products with exceptional customer service and brand impression.

The delivery and installation of an appliance or electronics product has become more complex with the wide range of models and added features. This complexity can be increased with the required connection to electric, gas and water. The installation of these products can be difficult and if not done properly can cause extensive and costly damage to homes. Our delivery teams have specialized knowledge and experience to ensure that these products are installed and working properly.

We tailor our dedicated white glove delivery services of appliances and electronics based on the product. Our basic delivery and installation services for appliances and electronics include:

For more complex installations that may require alterations to the existing installation site; installing new electric, gas or water lines; carpentry work for an existing installation site or built-in products, we can provide licensed contractors to ensure a seamless delivery and installation.


Delivering a Good Night’s Rest

According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, a person will spend approximately one-third of their lifetime sleeping. The purchase of a mattresses is an important one and consumers are expecting to enjoy a good night’s sleep when their merchandise is delivered.

The bedding and mattress industry is being driven by consumer demand for more innovative choices, ease of ordering and quick delivery. Whether it’s a simple mattress replacement or a complex adjustable bed, our experienced delivery teams have the knowledge and ability to deliver and set-up products with the confidence that the purchaser will be comfortably sleeping on it that night.

We believe the white glove delivery of bedding or a mattress is a delivery of a dream come true. Our dedicated last mile delivery solutions for the bedding and mattress industry are tailored to deliver a good night’s sleep.

Our service includes:

Calm woman waking up in her bedroom