Staying Ahead of Industry and Technology Advancements

Innovation is the key to our success as a value-added partner to our customers. We have proven our ability to think differently and identify or develop cutting edge technology to support our customers’ operations and analyze processes to foster a continuous improvement environment.

  • Innovative Thinking

    We empower our employees to think differently to drive efficiency, lower costs and ensure excellent service. We are continually developing new processes to benefit your overall operations. By routinely assessing our customers' businesses, we can introduce new approaches to improve overall quality, customer service and profitability. 

  • Innovative Technology Solutions

    Technology plays an important role in the integrated last mile delivery solutions we design for our customers. We utilize technology that is scalable, adaptable and flexible so our solutions exactly meet the requirements. Our ability to integrate a multitude of technology platforms gives us a distinct advantage and therefore, gives our customers a distinct advantage over their competitors.

  • Visibility at All Levels

    Today’s technology offers immediate visibility to ensure better results. We don’t only communicate on the day of delivery, we communicate the details of the delivery, track delivery progress and confirm the completion of the delivery in real-time. Our innovative technology solutions for scheduling and routing offers timely communication resulting in higher productivity, improved 1st time completion percentage and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Proprietary Claims Reporting System

    Although we strive to make a perfect delivery each time, mistakes happen. We know that how we respond to a claim for in-home damage can be the reason we make an unhappy consumer a loyal one. Our Proprietary Claims Reporting System enables our team to quickly initiate the claims process, track and report the status of claims, communicate updates to our customer and their buyer to settle the claim. We generate custom reports for our customers and the local management team to ensure ALL claims are being handled timely and properly and to analyze in-home damage claims to identify reasons or trends to mitigate the frequency of claims in the future.